The American School of South Sudan Education


Below are in-depth explanations and cost attributions of the specific projects we want to add into The American School of South Sudan. 

Reading Room

Studies show that literacy is closely linked to one’s happiness and success. Only 27% of the population in South Sudan is literate – the lowest literacy rate in the world. We believe literacy and education are key to building peace, prosperity and happiness in South Sudan. We would like to build a reading room at our school as well as a small public library in Juba. We already have a large donation of books in the US waiting to be shipped. Additionally, Our most recent online fundraiser, "5000 Books for South Sudan" helped up purchase 25 Worldreader Blue Book. We are elated to be able to bring an exciting and new reading technology to or students but we still plan to to ship a 40-foot container full of children’s books to Juba. Cost: $20,000


Our parents have mentioned that getting their children to school and picking them up on time is a challenge. The school day begins and ends at times that conflict with most jobs. In order to assist parents and retain students, we would like to provide transportation services for our students.  To start the program we would like to purchase 2 minivans equipped with child booster seats. This would enable us to provide transportation for 14 students and attract children from further areas in Juba. Cost: $15,000 

Curriculum Development

The American School of South Sudan is dedicated to developing a college preparatory curriculum that is well suited for our students, taking into consideration the unique culture of South Sudan. As we continue to grow and expand, we invest in curriculum development to ensure students are provided with the best education. Cost $3,000 Teacher Training: It is important that our teachers are continually trained so they have all the tools and skills necessary to provide students with a fun and engaging education.  Cost: 3,000 per year 

New School Building

We need a large facility to accommodate our students. We will be building a school to accommodate the Bassey Academy, grade 1-8 with the capacity to educate 350 students. This school will be equipped with classrooms, a computer lab, science lab, cafeteria, gym, and visiting teachers dorm to name a few amenities. The facility will be solar powered with generator back up and have Internet access throughout. We are currently in the design phase of the school but hope that the building will be complete by August 2017. Estimated Cost: $1,000,000 

Technology Lab

Technology has become an integral part of education. Youth today are often referred to as digital natives because of the ease in which they are able to utilize technological devises.  To ensure that our students are able to compete in the increasingly technology-based world, we would like to develop a technology lab equipped with both desktop computers and tables. We would like to ensure that our students get at least 2 hours of guided technology learning a week. We want to purchase 15 computers, 5 tablets, 2 all-in-one printers and a projector. Cost: $35,000  

After School Programs

TASOSS would like to begin offering after school programs effective August 2015. Through our afterschool programs we will be able to provide additional educational and developmental activities to enrich our students lives: from homework help to physical and artistic activities. Cost: $5,000

Dr. Wal Duany Scholarship Fund

We would like to sponsor 5 students at TASOSS.  Our founder, Nok Duany's father Dr. Wal Duany established the 501(c)(3) non-profit, South Sudanese Friends International. Through the help and support of Dr. Wal Duany and South Sudanese Friends International, TASOSS was built-up and established from its simple beginning.  To celebrate Dr. Wal Duany's vision and dedication to helping South Sudanese communities prosper, we will name the scholarship program after him.