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About Us

The American School of South Sudan aspires to offer internationally competitive educations with language development, technology proficiency, and activities that foster cultural, emotional, and physical development: such as music, art, and sports.

TASOSS hopes to be expand to a complete Pre K-12th grade program divided into four institutions: Juba Kidz Zone: Combined Nursery, Preschool, and Kindergarten Bassey Academy I: Elementary School, Grades 1st-4th Bassey Academy II: Middle School, Grades 5th-8th Dr. Wal Duany School of Excellence: High School Grades 9th-12th 


TASOSS began to offer First Grade

We currently have three 1st graders, all of whom are girls!



Despite ongoing violence, Juba Kidz Zone reopened. 
The eager return of many of the students intensified the determination to expand the school and provide education to more children.



The plans for The American School of South Sudan were interrupted when national conflict erupted. As a precautionary measure, Juba Kidz Zone was shut down temporarily. 



After four years of steady growth, the vision is expanded into a full 
Pre-K 12 program called: The American School of South Sudan.

​The new goal of The American School of South Sudan (TASOSS)
would include multiple school sites providing proper curriculum
​and resources to all ages of children in South Sudan. They wanted
to give South Sudanese youth complete primary and secondary
education, empowering them to pursue advanced degrees
internationally and then return to South Sudan to contribute to their nation. 




Juba Kidz Zone is founded.

Sisters-in-law Nok Nora Bassey and Aprelle Duany were searching for a nursery school in Juba, South Sudan for Aprelle's daughter. They wanted to find an educational environment where she would be empowered to grow, play, and learn with other children- but they were not able to. The lack of education opportunities in Juba was concerning and outside of Juba, it was even worse. Nok and Aprelle were determined to create a solution. Later that year, they put the resources together to open their own preschool in Juba: Juba Kidz Zone.

Watch see the early days of Juba Kids Zone!

During its initial days, the Juba Kidz Zone school was a small, 
ground-level building with one chalkboard, a few chairs,
three teachers, and twenty-five students. The school 
quickly received financial support to build a 
​new, air-conditioned, two-story facility. 

Past, Present and Future

american school of south sudan

american school of south sudan

american school of south sudan

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American School of South Sudan education

Mission Statement

​​The American School of South Sudan prepares students for life by teaching the skills necessary to achieve academic excellence and become productive, global citizens in this ever-changing world.

​Vision Statement

We want to see our students become productive, global citizens empowered by their education to develop and build South Sudan.